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After losing someone very close to me, I was so lost, I could hardly function...

A friend recommended seeing Stacey, I have to admit, at the time I thought it wouldn't help....I figured I was already in a bad place and had nothing to loose.

I honestly was blown away...I had to listen to the recording after the session, because I was in such disbelief....

My loved one came through from the other side so strongly, and Stacey described him to  a "T". His personality, his charm, his humor, even things that he was doing which he did when he was here...

I cannot begin to describe the peace I've been given...What a gift....Thank you for everything Stacey....

Z.K. - Bangkok Thailand

As skeptic as I was before seeing Stacey, I have learned through my sessions how to be open to seeing my own power and opportunities in my life. I see my potential more now than ever before, as I have learned to see things in a different light, My life has turned for the better now! Thank you!

SP, North York, ON

I was so amazed by Anastasia's reading!

My friends have all seen her and were trying to convince me to do a session, because I was going through so much change with my work and personal life.

Anastasia was so accurate with things that were  presently going on, and has been so accurate with her predictions!

For anyone who believes, you must see Anastasia!!!  You'll love it!!!

K.R - London, UK

Stacey is a must see!!!!

If your looking for a reader with Integrity, honesty, and accuracy, then you've come  to the right place! 

There's not enough space on this page to explain the love, the detail, the peace that Stacey has provided me...just try it yourself!!!!

R.H. - Florida USA

I've known Anastasia (Stacey)  now for over 20 years, and for all the sessions I've had she's always amaze's me!

Anastasia's integrity, kindness, as well as her session's, continue to impress me time and time again! I was told by medical experts and others readers, that I would never have a child.

  Anastasia was the only one who explained to me that I had emotional blocks I had to heal, and not to loose hope...and sure enough, I did the work I needed to do, saw healers that she recommended, and became a mom in 2019!!!! 

I really believe that if not for Anastasia's kindness, love, and push to believe, I wouldn't be where I am today, in many areas of my life.  I'm forever grateful.

D.D. - Toronto, Canada 

All I can say is thank you...

Your my reader, but also like my therapy...

You've always been able to calm my fears, and anxieties...that alone, I'm so grateful for.

Your understanding, compassion, and guidance has truly been a saving grace for me!

You always go above and beyond, I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed. 

I feel so blessed

R.W. - Saint Catharines, Ontario

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