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About Anastasia...

With over 30 + years of experience with Local and International clientele, Anastasia (Stacey) works as a Clairvoyant (Psychic Medium Reader), based out of Oshawa, Toronto, and the surrounding GTA.  Anastasia’s goal is to help people understand their full potential in all aspects of their lives; Personal Growth, Career, Relationships, Financial and so much more. Stacey has traveled all over Canada, the USA and Britain assisting people to cope with the loss of loved ones, has performed residential & business clearings which is also called "The Light House Effect" and simply advises on what lays ahead. Creating specialized prayers, that help you draw to you the things your wanting to create.  Anastasia (Stacey) has been able to successfully assist countless people understand not only what the future holds, but also how to better themselves on a day to day basis. Stacey has made numerous television appearances, has been a guest speaker at conferences, has a show called "Open for Discussion" on Instagram every other Thursday, covering a variety of topics  and has been a featured guest on various radio stations.

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