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Services – Tuning into your Energy – How it Works

Anastasia (Stacey) meditates on your energy for a period of time before you arrive for your session. Through this meditation, she looks into what she calls “Energy DNA” enabling her to focus specifically on your energy.

 Throughout your reading, Stacey will communicate with your Guardian Angels and any deceased loved ones that you are connected to and will relay messages from them to you. She not only see's and hears, but also feels, what can be literal or metaphoric. These messages are also relayed to you through your reading. 

Stacey works with integrity and always treats each client with love and respect.



 Personal Reading Consultations, which include advice on what lies ahead within all areas of your life, as well as coping   with the loss of loved ones.

 You may bring in photos of loved ones if you wish.


 Please take note - All in person sessions will begin March 1st 2023. 

 Appointments will continue to be available virtually for those living at a distance or are not available to come in   person.

 Virtual tools are: Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.



 Clairvoyant Psychic Reading lengths available:  

 1/2 hour Reading     $100.00( Not including HST)  - Please take note 1/2 hour sessions are only available for regular clients.

 1 Hour Reading        $200.00 (Not Including HST)

 1.5 Hour Reading    $300.00 (Not Including HST)

 2 Hour Reading       $400.00 ( not including HST)



 Emergency Consultation Readings may be available if scheduling is permitted. There will be a premium cost added to   the fee of your requested reading option.


 Email Readings for a specific concern – Available once a Client has established a connection with Stacey.


 Disclaimer: You are free to record the session on your mobile device, please bring your own charger. Also note, that any recordings that   you make are FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY. 

 Any commercial use is absolutely prohibited without written consent from Anastasia (Stacey) Agouros.


 Personalized Prayers

 Do you have things you would like to create? Do you feel you need to release blockages, and old fears? 

 Would you like to create more love, light, peace and abundance in your life? 

 Allow Anastasia (Stacey) to create a personalized prayer for you to read every evening, morning, or anytime you need it   that is especially made for you. (If you have never met Stacey, all you need to do is send her a picture of you, and she   will  get into your energy and create it for you.) 


 $50.00  and up depending on the detail you would like. 


 The "Light House" Effect 

 It's very important to keep our environment energetically clean. The Light House Effect, does exactly that. Whether it be   in an existing home or new, possibly your business, keeping your space filled with love, light and abundance is a good   practice.

 It allows for energy to flow smoothly throughout your space keeping you grounded and allowing more into your life. 


 $400.00 1 hour within the Greater Toronto Area - please inquire for cost outside of GTA.


  "Open for Discussion" On Instagram 

 Don't forget to join us every other Thursday for "Open for Discussion" at 8:pm EST.

 This is an opportunity to understand the spiritual world better and ask your questions about things that you have   experienced yourself, that your willing to share!

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