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 Anastasia / Stacey's contact information:

 By phone, please call or text  (416-993-5770)

 Please be respectful, no calls after 8pm.

 To book your personal appointment, or if you prefer to email Anastasia   directly, you can at

 For any inquires or to book your appointment, fill out the request form   in the fields provided. You will receive a response in 5 to 7 business   days.

 Note to all clients regarding bookings:

 All appointments are to be booked in advance and are booked on a first come   first serve basis.

 Should you arrive late for your appointment, you will still be responsible for   the full fee for the reading that you booked for.

 All appointments must be paid in full when you arrive.  

 If you are cancelling at the last minute, there will be a $90.00-dollar CAD   charge.

 If you are booking a reading over the phone, Zoom,  Skype, Facebook   messenger, or Facetime, the payment must be received in advance.

 Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must give   the office 48 hours notice during business hours (Monday through Friday) to   avoid a late fee penalty of which is 50% of the session's fee.

 Thank you, 

 Anastasia (Stacey) Agouros

 Disclaimer: You are free to record the session on your mobile device, please bring   your charger. Also note, that any recordings that you make are FOR YOUR   PERSONAL USE ONLY. Any commercial use is absolutely prohibited without   written consent from Anastasia (Stacey) Agouros.


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